Skin Care: Do’s and Dont’s for Babies

Skin care for babies: the most important do’s and don’tsYour baby’s skin is as soft as silk and the scent of your baby is wonderful. Honestly, there isn’t even a better scent than that. Keep that soft, wonderfully scented skin so soft? You have to be very careful with that. Here are the most important things you need to know about your baby’s skin care.

You will be thrown to death with it: the finest skin care products for babies. But is all that really necessary? From ointments for all kinds of inconveniences to oils for the bath. Baby products have definitely passed some pretty strict requirements as a baby’s skin is incredibly tender. But there is still so much to find on the shelves, what do you really need for the skin care of your baby and what not?

1. Bathing is not necessary every day

As soon as you are pregnant , you will of course start reading various books about the baby. Of course everything goes on your own afterwards, but one of the things that are important to know when it comes to the skin care of your child is that your baby really does not need a bath every day. Even using a shampoo can be superfluous. Washing your baby with water should in principle be enough. Otherwise, at least alternate every bath whether you use shampoo or not.

2. Skin care without perfume

A baby’s skin is incredibly tender, so you have to handle it carefully. As delicious as some baby skin care products smell, it really is better to go for unscented ones. It is completely unnecessary, especially since your baby already has such a wonderful scent of itself.

3. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate:

It is very important that you do not buy products with sodium lauryl sulfate. This is in baby shampoos more often than you think. The problem is that this fabric damages the protective layer of your baby’s skin and that’s exactly what you don’t want. Therefore, always check the packaging for the content of the product.